Action Plan

The Committee members considered the Action Plan of the Committee for the year and approved the same as under :-

  • To develop policy, projects and frameworks that streamline processes and reflect a modern public sector approach in Public Finance & Government Accounting.
  • To interact with Ministries/Departments and Local Bodies, State & Central Government in the areas of Public Finance & Government Accounting and to provide technical support in implementation of various schemes of Central & State Government.
  • To promote research in collaboration with State & National Level Bodies in the areas of Public Finance & Government Accounting.
  • To organize meetings with Government Accounting Standard Advisory Board (GASAB), CGA and C&AG for working out the modalities to carry out the Government Accounting Reforms.
  • To organize interactive meetings with public functionaries and policy makers for exchange of more technical and viable inputs for the development of the Committee.
  • To tie up for technical association with International Financial Institutions/Universities/Research & Training Institutes to strengthen the reform process in Government departments and to forge linkages within and outside the Country for undertaking collaborative research and exchange of information and publication.
  • To explore the possibility of entering into Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with different government departments for capacity building of these departments to carry out accounting reforms.
  • To build State Level Taskforces in all the States of the Country to give impetus to the initiatives and activities of the Committee.
  • To provide assistance to Central and State Government to develop effective mechanism for financial administration and management of public fund.
  • To come out with e-newsletters, publications and research material on Public Finance & Government Accounting.
  • To undertake and organize training courses, Seminars, Workshops and Summits and harnessing technology to deliver better services through Webcasts, Video Lectures to enhance understanding of issues concerning Public Finance & Government Accounting.
  • To organize Awareness Programmes/Conferences on the theme of Public Finance & Government Accounting.